The role and importance of change management has grown significantly in recent years to meet the rapidly evolving demands of today's workforce. The ability of the NSW Public Sector to change, quickly and effectively is a new strategic priority.

The NSW Community of Change Professionals (CoCP) has a pivotal role in promoting and supporting the development of change capability across the NSW Public Sector. As a community, we provide channels for networking, information and knowledge sharing.

The CoCP will hold member events where people involved in implementing organisational change can network and have opportunities to listen to key speakers from the public and private sector talking about strategic change management


The Community of Change Professionals (CoCP) was launched in March 2013. The CoCP provides channels for communication, information sharing and problem solving.

The Advisory Board was established in December 2012 with representation from NSW Government agencies across the sector. The Advisory Board sets the direction of the Community and actively promotes the participation of NSW public sector change management staff in the development and ongoing activities of the Community.

Advisory Board

TBC for 2022

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This Community of Practice is currently inactive.

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If you have any questions, please contact Capability Design at the NSW Public Service Commission.

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