The Workforce Analytics Professionals Community of Practice is a forum for sharing practice and building capability in deriving insights from workforce data to support better workforce management decisions.

Data analysis is at the heart of all good decision making, and as the breadth of data collected expands and users' expectations grow, there exists a great opportunity.

The Community will look at ways to build analytic capability through sharing tools and analysis techniques and insights.

Advisory Board

The Workforce Analytics Community of Practice is governed by the Data & Analytics Advisory Board. Membership of the board will be determined in 2022.

Role Name and Cluster
Chairperson TBA for 2022
Deputy Chairperson TBA for 2022
Secretary TBA for 2022
Board Members TBA for 2022


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Membership is open to NSW Public Sector employees who regularly work with workforce data for their agency. To become a member, register your details by clicking on the following link.

This Community of Practice is currently inactive. We are re-establishing the community’s advisory board, if you are interested, please contact us on

We encourage you to sign up to the mailing list so that you will be informed when activities resume.

If you have any questions, please contact Capability Design at the NSW Public Service Commission.

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