The NSW Public Sector Community of Finance Professionals (CoFP) was launched in 2008. The CoFP mission is to maintain an active community of finance professionals encompassing all organisations in the public sector. Membership of the CoFP is free and available to those working in accounting and finance roles in the public sector. The CoFP was initiated by NSW Government and the offer of membership was extended to finance professionals in Local and Federal Government in 2019.

There are benefits to individual members, agencies and the sector as a whole through promoting the sector as a place to build a professional finance career. This is achieved by facilitating the sharing of best practice, providing a strategic forum for building networks and sharing access to information and resources, senior public sector staff, and job opportunities.

The CoFP holds five free member events each year, spread across the Sydney CBD, Western Sydney and an annual regional event, as well as running several Beans for Bean Counters discussion groups.  Events are recognised for CPD (continuing professional development) by our sponsors (CPA Australia and CAANZ).  We also have an active email service which provides links to; CoFP events, finance updates and finance & accounting positions advertised in the NSW public sector. And finally the COFP also facilitates members sharing information with each other.

Our mission

Our Mission is to generate and maintain an active community of finance professionals encompassing all organisations in the NSW public sector that will foster and promote the sector as a place to work and build a professional career. 

The community also assists people working in the sector in accounting and finance roles to:

  • build contacts and a support network
  • expand their career opportunities
  • keep their technical knowledge up to date and have easy access to information about emerging best practice in their areas of interest
  • draw upon others to solve problems more efficiently and effectively
  • actively contribute to improving strategies and practices for accounting and financial management across the sector
  • add further value within their organisation through generating ongoing improvements in its accounting and financial management
  • share their ideas and experiences to help others.

Our vision

Our Vision is for the Community of Finance Professionals to be recognised and valued as an integral element of accounting and financial management improvement in the public sector.

Our value proposition

The Community of Finance Professionals will operate as a collective of practitioners and interested parties to serve as a networking and self-help group, and to share information and experiences in dealing with the challenges of financial management improvement.

In pursuing our mission, over time the community’s activities will include:

  • organising briefing sessions, forums and workshops
  • facilitating the rapid dissemination of information and access to shared knowledge via internet technology
  • facilitating active input from community members to financial management reform initiatives and the ongoing reform agenda
  • establishing strategic links with other organisations and networks whose interests align with the community's mission.

Our Value Proposition is based upon the principle that the Community does not compete with, or duplicate the work of, other networks and bodies but instead connects Community members with these resources.

Key stakeholders

Our key stakeholders include:

  • people working in accounting and finance roles across the NSW public sector
  • the individual organisations that they work for
  • the NSW public sector as an entity, and the central agencies exercising leadership in sector-wide reform
  • educational bodies with a focus in accounting and finance
  • industry and professional bodies with a focus in accounting and finance 
  • other organisations directly influencing the local accounting and finance industry
  • other NSW public sector streams such as local government and federal government located within NSW, and their finance and accounting functions.


Membership is only available to persons actively engaged in NSW public sector finance and accounting. This includes persons working within other streams of government, such as NSW local government and federal government agencies located within NSW.

At no time should confidential, private or privileged information, or information on specific cases or individuals be distributed through this medium.  Nor should material which is discriminatory, objectionable, misleading, deceptive or which infringes copyright be distributed through this medium.

The NSW Public Sector Community of Finance Professionals does not promote or encourage commercial advertising or promotion, nor does it encourage personal opinions regarding commercial products or services.  The facility is entirely non-commercial, and should be used to discuss issues relating to public sector finance and accounting matters.

The NSW Public Sector Community of Finance Professionals does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense you might incur as a result of the use of, or reliance upon the materials which appear in the email discussion list.

Please be aware that all emails sent to this email list are in the public domain and the NSW Public Sector Community of Finance Professionals cannot provide any security or control over the distribution of emails outside the subscriber base.


Our Community was created in April 2008 as one of the initiatives flowing from the Accountancy Skill Shortage Strategy Group, which has been working for some time on measures to promote better the New South Wales public sector as an employer of choice for finance professionals, and to retain those people in the sector.

The Community provides channels for communication, information-sharing and problem solving. It does this by operating this website, which includes an email service, and organising specific activities and events.

The Community is fueled by the voluntary efforts of practitioners. Thanks to everyone who assists, and contributes to, the ongoing vitality of the Network.

To assist in setting directions and priorities, and arranging activities, the following operating structure has been adopted:

Advisory Board  

Office holders:

Department/Cluster Position Name
Department of Education Chair Ross Hawkey
Department of Communities and Justice  Vice Chair Libby Stratford
Federal - ABC  Vice Chair Natalie Moore
Department of Communities and Justice Secretary  Gary Driscoll

Other members:

Department/Cluster Name
Audit Office of New South Wales David Daniels
Department of Communities and Justice Amy Wang
Department of Communities and Justice Debbie Banerjee
Department of Customer Service Natalie Ahamed
NSW Treasury Anita Young
Department of Education Jimmy Ng
Department of Education Ehsan Chowdhury
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Jose Besa
Department of Premier and Cabinet Kimberley Taylor
Department of Regional NSW Mervyn Yuen
Icare NSW Feraz Fallil
NSW Treasury Komal Sapal
Office of Sport Brook Whylie
State Emergency Service Daniel Crocco
Sydney Metro William Yan
Transport for NSW Clement Siu

Associate members:

Organisation Name
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Peter Kleinberg
CPA Australia Michelle Caruso
Institute of Public Administration of Australia Madeleine Culbert

Youth members:

Organisation Name
Department of Customer Service  Viraj Fernando
Transport for NSW  Chiraag Bhalla
Transport for NSW  Sophia Reyes



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