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Procurement Foundations Training Program

Procurement Foundations is now available and free to NSW Government employees. This training program replaces the Introduction to NSW Public Sector Procurement modules.

Learn how to buy quality, low risk goods and services in line with the NSW Government’s procurement systems and processes.

The program is comprised of eight short online modules, available on Comperio. A Comperio account has been created for Procurement Professionals ComPrac members.

  • Username: Your username is the work email address used to register for the ComPrac.
  • Password: Please use the password recovery to setup your password and access the platform for the first time.

About the Procurement Foundations Training Modules

Module What you’ll learn Approx duration
Governance Learn how procurement is governed in NSW Government, including how your agency’s accreditation status impacts its procurement, approved procurement arrangements and your legal obligation to keep records. 15 min
NSW Government’s procurement objectives Learn about NSW Government’s five procurement objectives for guiding procurement decisions. 15 min
Procurement legislation and policies Learn about your obligations under a range of legislation and policies relating to procurement. 10 min
Planning your procurement Learn how to plan your low value, low risk procurement in line with best practice. 10 min
Sourcing Learn how to source low value, low risk goods and services in line with best practice. 20 min
Implementing and managing the arrangement  Learn about implementing and managing your arrangement, including paying suppliers and your reporting obligations. 10 min
Probity in procurement Learn about your obligation to uphold the principles of probity in procurement. 10 min
Preventing corruption in procurement Learn about your obligation to prevent corruption in procurement. 15 min


Questions about the training or Comperio access? Please contact the Procurement Professionals ComPrac.