The Community of Procurement Professionals aims to help procurement professionals working in the NSW public sector build their capability in procurement and contract management. It's an active forum for members to share best practice, experience and learnings. It also serves as a hub for providing practical resources and insights that support the delivery of procurement savings within the sector. 

The Community aims to achieve three main goals:

  • Identify development needs of and opportunities for members
  • Foster collaboration and sharing amongst members
  • Harness collective knowledge and expertise of members to lift sector wide procurement capability

The Community is supported by NSW Procurement, a business unit NSW Treasury.


Membership is open to employees working in procurement or contract management roles in the NSW public sector and State, Federal and Local procurement employees.

As a member, you have access to content including private resources, events and networking functions, and more

For more information on registration, please click here.


Procurement training is available for ongoing professional development. Online and face to face course options are available.

See what training is aligned to your procurement capability level:

  • Foundational - includes system training
  • Intermediate - includes Effective Procurement Capabilities in NSW Public Sector
  • Advanced - includes NSW Government Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Contract Management

Or what training specifically relates to procurement systems.

Jobs advertised

This page lists some of the procurement related roles available across the sector.

Public sector procurement roles on I work for NSW.


The Community welcomes feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Telephone: 1800 679 289 or email:


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